RIP: Ralph McQuarrie

Sad news, folks… is reporting that art legend Ralph McQuarrie has passed away. McQuarrie, born in 1929, was the designer of the original Star Wars movies (including the design for Darth Vader) as well as Battlestar Gallactica, ET, Star Trek and many other science fiction classics…including many books.

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2 thoughts on “RIP: Ralph McQuarrie”

  1. I still have my Ralph McQuarrie cover illustrated copy of SW (came out several months before the movie). And my SW portfolios and art books. And book such as Chalker’s WEB OF THE CHOZEN, Rothman’s THE WORLD IS ROUND and more. While running Traveller in the dark days at the dawn of RPG’s, his artwork served as reference points before we had “official” artwork from GDW and other shops.

    Many thanks, Ralph. From your “fill in” illustrations during the Apollo missions to Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, CE3K and beyond, you had a lot of impact.

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