TOC: ‘Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells’ Edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

Ellen Datlow has posted the table of contents for the upcoming anthology co-edited with Terri Windling: Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells:

  • “The Fairy Enterprise” by Jeffrey Ford
  • “From the Catalogue of the Pavilion of the Uncanny and Marvelous, Scheduled for Premiere at the Great Exhibition (Before the Fire)” by Genevieve Valentine
  • “The Memory Book” by Maureen McHugh
  • “Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells” by Delia Sherman
  • “La Reine D’Enfer” by Kathe Koja
  • “Briar Rose” by Elizabeth Wein
  • “The Governess” by Elizabeth Bear
  • “Smithfield” by James P. Blaylock
  • “The Unwanted Women of Surrey” by Kaaron Warren
  • “Charged” by Leanna Renee Hieber
  • “Mr. Splitfoot” by Dale Bailey
  • “Phosperous” by Veronica Schanoes
  • “We Without Us Were Shadows” by Catherynne M. Valente
  • “The Vital Importance of the Superficial” by Ellen Kushner and Caroline Stevermer
  • “The Jewel in the Toad Queen’s Crown” by Jane Yolen
  • “A Few Twigs He Left Behind” by Gregory Maguire
  • “Their Monstrous Minds” by Tanith Lee
  • “Estella Saves the Village” by Theodora Goss

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