SF Signal Nominated For 2 Hugo Awards – Thank You!

So…this happened.

I can’t say the excitement has died down, but the initial buzz is quiet enough for me to type out a quick note that SF Signal has been nominated in two Hugo categories: Best Fanzine and the Best Fancast. It all very flattering and humbling and we’re quite thrilled.

SF Signal is a group blog and any accolades we receive are the result of a team effort, so I’d like to recognize the individuals who helped contribute to SF Signal last year. It’s a great crew and we’re very lucky to have them.

I’d also like to single out Patrick Hester for his Hercualean efforts in putting the podcast together every week. If we win for Best Fancast, the award will go to him.

It’s true when they say it’s an honor to be nominated. And the competition is fierce! Congrats to our fellow nominees:

Best Fanzine
Best Fancast

Finally, thanks to all the voters who voted, our other contributors (guest posters and interviewees), and you, dear readers, who keep returning and sharing.

22 thoughts on “SF Signal Nominated For 2 Hugo Awards – Thank You!”

  1. You’ve pulled together a pretty cool community here, John. You’ve earned the recognition. Congrats for the nominations and good luck! I’ll be rooting for a double win.


  2. The best thing about JD getting a HUGO would be that he would have a place to store his bagels. I bet you could get a half dozen on top of the rocket…a full dozen for a double win! See…rewarding AND functional.

    Congrats, John et al. About damn time.

  3. Even a bit inactive now, I’m very proud of being in such awesome company. (And John definitely needs a larger bagel pantry! :D

    Congrats, John!!! Much deserved nomination!

  4. Congratulations on the nomination and good luck for final voting. SF Signal is one of my first stops each day.

  5. Thanks to everyone who voted for the podcast!

    Thanks to JohnD for taking a chance on a kid from Fresno with a microphone & a hat…

    Thanks to everyone who comes on the show every week to chat about the topics!

    Thanks to the authors & editors who come on and chat about their stories!

    Thanks to the listeners for sticking with us, telling their friends, and being awesome!


  6. Congratulations to everyone! sfsignal.com is an indespensible daily web visit and the podcast is a regular download and listen for me!

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