In episode 120 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester sits down to chat with Claude Lalumière and Don Pizarro from Dagan Books.

About Claude Lalumière:

Claude Lalumière is the author of two books from CZP — the collection Objects of Worship and the mosaic novella The Door to Lost Pages — the co-creator of Lost Myths, and the Fantastic Fiction columnist for The Montreal Gazette.

About Don Pizarro:

Don writes, works, and lives in a nice little college town in upstate New York. He has fiction online at Fantasy Magazine, Reflection’s Edge, Byzarium, Six Sentences, and the occasional non-fiction thing here and there. His stories have also appeared in Cthulhurotica, Rigor Amortis, and Crossed Genres.

About Bibliotheca Fantastica (Dagan Books):

Stories having to do with lost, rare, weird, or imaginary books, or any aspect of book history or book culture, past, present, future, or uchronic. Any genre. Stories should evoke a sense of the fantastic, the unknown, the weird, wonder, terror, mystery, pulp, and/or adventure, etc.

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