We are in a Golden Age of Geekery, my friends. I offer as evidence two recently-launched web-based video shows by some of the world’s most famous geeks. (Just the fact that geeks can be famous should be evidence enough, amiright?)

First, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day have teamed up for Tabletop, a show about tabletop games on Felicia’s Geek and Sundry YouTube Channel. Here’s Episode 1, “Small World”, featuring Sean Plott (host of “Day9TV”, a Starcraft II dedicated webcast on how to be a better gamer), Grant Imahara (host of Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters”), and Jenna Busch (geek blogger, writer and host) play Small World!

This is a cool idea. As a casual gamer myself, this kind of thing serves as a significant taste of some of the games out there that I might not otherwise know about. Now, if we could just get Wil and Felicia to feature the Order of the Stick game, published by SF Signal pal Ape Games, we’d be cooking with butter….[looks at Wil and Felicia]

Next up, is Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist YouTube Channel, where Chris promises “hours of video rapture”, like this All Star Celebrity Bowling vs. Team Machinima:

Another good idea. This has the feeling of camradrerie of Comic Book Men, but a little less staged.

Ah yes, the Internets. Now geeks and nerds the world over can play games and geek out vicariously…from the comfort of their mom’s basements.

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