Jules Verne Totally Wrote Fan Fiction

This week in the SF History series on the Kirkus Reviews blog, I look at the connection between American author Edgar Allan Poe and French author Jules Verne, and a common story that they both worked on, decades apart, which helped to set the tone for the science fiction genre moving forward.

This was an interesting point in science fiction history, because it’s an early point where there was a direct influence from one author to another, not just in one work, but stylistically as well.

Click on over and read The Strange Tale of Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne over at the Kirkus Reviews blog!

One thought on “Jules Verne Totally Wrote Fan Fiction”

  1. JV totally wrote fan fiction? Me not so sure, because he French ‘n’ 19th century, ‘n’ guys that time they be totally repressed, like, and forced to conform to things like syntax and grammar.
    It seems more probable that one might make a case that, in the case of Le Sphinx des glaces, one might rightfully claim that he wrote what some might see as a heartfelt homage to Poe.

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