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TOC: ‘Permeable Borders’ by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Here’s the table of contents for Nina Kiriki Hoffman’s upcoming collection Permeable Borders:

  • “Key Signatures”
  • “The Weight of Wishes”
  • “How I Came to Marry a Herpetologist”
  • “Strikes of the Heart”
  • “Switched”
  • “Sourheart”
  • “Inner Child”
  • “Home for Christmas”
  • “Anger Management”
  • “Trees Perpetual of Sleep”
  • “Hostile Takeover”
  • “Here We Come A-Wandering”
  • “The Wisdom of Disaster”
  • “A Fault Against the Dead”
  • “The Trouble With Truth”
  • “Gone to Heaven Shouting”
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