VIDEO: Carl Reiner Mocks Cthulhu For Rod Serling

Don Pizarro pointed me to this video treasure from Rod Serling’s Night Gallery…an episode titled “Professor Peabody’s Last Lecture” in which Carl Reiner mocks the Elder Gods. Great stuff…thanks, Don!

8 thoughts on “VIDEO: Carl Reiner Mocks Cthulhu For Rod Serling”

  1. They did Pickman’s Model on Night Gallery as well. Now I’m depressed that Serling never made an all Lovecraft series.

  2. Steven Spielberg directed one of the pilot episode stories starring Joan Crawford and Tom Bosley.

  3. Cute, but the ending could have been a bit better (I was expecting Carl to get zapped rather than become a rubber suit monster).

    Who wrote this episode?

  4. I was half-expecting the episode to end with one of the students asking: “Is this going to be on the test?”

    Great stuff.

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