WINNER: 2012 Arthur C. Clarke Award

We mentioned this in the tidbits earlier this week, but it seems like something that merits its own space

The winner of the 2012 Arthur C. Clarke Award has been announced.

Congratulations to Jane Rogers for her winning novel The Testament of Jessie Lamb!

For those who don’t know what it’s about:

Women are dying in their millions. Some blame scientists, some see the hand of God, some see human arrogance reaping the punishment it deserves. Jessie Lamb is an ordinary girl living in extraordinary times: as her world collapses, her idealism and courage drive her towards the ultimate act of heroism. If the human race is to survive, it s up to her. But is Jessie heroic? Or is she, as her father fears, impressionable, innocent, incapable of understanding where her actions will lead? Set just a month or two in the future, in a world irreparably altered by an act of biological terrorism, The Testament of Jessie Lamb explores a young woman s determination to make her life count for something, as the certainties of her childhood are ripped apart.

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  1. I haven´t read the book, yet. But its premise reminds me of The White Plague (1982), a novel by Frank Herbert.

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