SF Crossing the Gulf (Episode 2): Edgar Mittelholzer’s “My Bones and My Flute”

In this episode of SF Crossing the Gulf, Karen Burnham and Karen Lord discuss Edgar Mittelholzer’s My Bones and My Flute, a ghost story/thriller from 1955. This leads to a discussion of prose style, craft, imagery, jungles, race, racism, misogyny, and much else. We understand that most people won’t be able to get a hold of this book, so we start off the discussion with plenty of summary to get everyone on the same page. [Spoiler Alert!]

Next week we’ll continue with a discussion of stories from Ted Chiang’s Story of Your Life and Others, particularly “Hell is the Absence of God” and start talking about Greg Egan. We’ve decided on the following list of Egan short stories:

After that we’ll be talking about Erna Brodber’s The Rainmaker’s Mistake, Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow, and Cordelia Forbe’s Ghosts.

7 thoughts on “SF Crossing the Gulf (Episode 2): Edgar Mittelholzer’s “My Bones and My Flute””

      1. That’s strange. I still hear a lot of ‘reverb’. Maybe get closer to the mic?

        Good content though. It doesn’t matter how many people download it. Cheryl Morgan approves. Looking forward to the Egan. Are his short stories better than the novels?

        Jesse has trouble using the feed at huffduff.com. I guess the mp3 is a dynamic link? Actually Sffaudio occasionally does similar things, discussing really old ghost stories.

  1. Sound quality was better this time around. I listened to both episodes in my car while driving and had no problems understanding anything.

    Looking forward to the next episode for the Chiang/Egan smackdown. Quite an excellent lineup of books and stories coming!

    My daughter was in the car with me for a good chunk of the description of “My Bones and My Flute”. I might have to track it down for her, she was interested in the plot outline.

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