In case you dared to miss them, here are The Top 25 SF Signal Posts for August 2012 (not including daily tidbits posts):

  1. Books You Should Have Read in 2011-2012
  2. A Book Cover Gallery of 157 Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Books Coming Out in August 2012
  3. MIND MELD: The Best Endings In SF/F Series
  4. MIND MELD: Ticklish Subjects in SF
  5. TRAILER: The Most Visually Stunning Movie Trailer I’ve Seen in a While – Painted Skin: The Resurrection
  6. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 141): Cherie Priest, Jay Lake, Gail Carriger, Paul Di Fillipo, Phillipa Ballantine and Tee Morris Talk Steampunk
  7. [GUEST POST] Jonathan Wood on Looking for Lovecraft in All the Wrong Places
  8. REVIEW: Clockwork Angels by Kevin J. Anderson (based on a story and lyrics by Neil Peart)
  9. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 143): Panel Discussion of: Readercon, Harassment and Making Positive Changes
  10. BOOK REVIEW: Fear to Tread by James Swallow
  11. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 145): Panel Discussion: What’s the Best Debut Novel You Have Ever Read?
  12. MIND MELD: Point of View in Genre Fiction (Part I of II)
  13. MIND MELD: Point of View in Genre Fiction (Part II of II)
  14. Watch An Extended Video Preview of J.J. Abrams’ New Post-Apocalyptic TV Series, ‘Revolution’
  15. Today at Kirkus: August Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Don’t Want to Miss
  16. Free eBooks: “No Hero” and “Yesterday’s Hero” by Jonathan Wood (Multiple Formats)
  17. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 147): Panel Discussion of: Best Debut Novel You Have Ever Read (Part 2)
  18. Small Press Spotlight: Small Beer Press
  19. “Game of Thrones” Season 2 as an 8-Bit RPG
  20. How “The Dark Knight Rises” Should Have Ended
  21. Free SF/F/H Fiction for 8/29/2012
  22. FINALISTS: 2012 World Fantasy Awards
  23. Can You Name This Story? (Part 27)
  24. “The Year’s Best Science Fiction” Series Edited by Gardner Dozois Finally Gets the Full eBook Treatment (+ Back Catalog Bonus)
  25. “Call Me Maybe” as Sung by the Cast of Star Trek: TNG

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