I had the opportunity to watch the short film All I Think Of Is You and it was good.

What is it about? The film, which takes place in a world where memories can be recorded and copied, begins with a women who is contacted by a stranger claiming to possess the memories of her husband, who recently died in a traffic accident.

All I Think Of Is You was funded through Kickstarter for $3k and shot in 3.25 days in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s the third film from writer/director Shad Clark, whose previous films, Anonymity and Side Effects May Include, played film festivals around the world. Anonymity was also featured on IFC and optioned for feature development.

I hope the same happens with All I Think Of Is You, I’d love to see a longer version that examines the implication of the technology even more.

After the jump: a two-minute preview…

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