VIDEO: Gregory Benford and Larry Niven @Google

Gregory Benford and Larry Niven, who recently collaborated on The Bowl of Heaven,

From YouTube:

Larry Niven & Gregory Benford, two of the most respected authors of hard science fiction, talk about their new book Bowl of Heaven and the concept of stories about “big dumb objects” as a sub-genre. They review prior stories (including Ringworld by Niven) and then talk about the physics of the “big smart object” that is the Bowl of Heaven — a half dyson-sphere steering a star on an interstellar voyage.

Also: Pay attention at 44:44 for news on the Ringworld movie!

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Gregory Benford and Larry Niven @Google”

    1. I mostly liked the beginning space exploration part, but not so much the jungle adventure part, but that’s my taste. And I was happy with the short length until I saw it had no end. It doesn’t look that popular. There isn’t even an audiobook yet. It’s nice to see some singularity-less science fiction.

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