Teaser Trailer for “Star Trek 2: Into Darkness”

The official trailer for Star Trek 2: Into Darkness has been released, and in the tradition of teaser trailers reveals…not much. Still no identity of the villain.

Anyone care to make a guess?

[via Sci-Fi Heaven]

UPDATE: The Japanese version has a very telling scene just before the end title (Thanks, Eddie!)…

7 thoughts on “Teaser Trailer for “Star Trek 2: Into Darkness””

  1. It is Cumberbatch. The rumor mill seems to think he’s playing Khan, but I was hoping for a less obvious choice… Could the blonde be Yeoman Rand?

  2. Cumberbatch could be playing Gary Mitchell with “the blonde” playing the psi-sensitive psychologist who ends up getting “enhanced” along with Mitchell in the episode “Where No Man Goes Before…”

    Interesting to see early on a starship (the Enterprise, I assume) rising from water and near the end (before the final scene in the Japanese trailer) a starship hitting the water.

    (Of course, it is equally likely that Cumberbatch is not Mitchell, Khan or even Gary Seven…but somebody completely new.)

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