Tell Us About Your Favorite Genre-News Websites

Day 2 of my totally stealing this idea from both John Scalzi and Chuck Wendig, and changing it up a little for SF Signal.

I want to know which genre news websites out there you like and why.  Leave your thoughts in the comments, along with a link to the website (I suggest 1 per comment if you don’t want the moderation bot to hold you in purgatory).  I plan to do something with these for the SF Signal podcast, so pile on people, and promote those websites!

10 thoughts on “Tell Us About Your Favorite Genre-News Websites”

  1. A good genre-news website has to have variety. It should cover book news, movie/tv news and offer reviews and it should also offer the occasional slightly off-topic information that might be of interest the reader (science, tech, art, etc.). It should also be regularly updated. My short list:

    SF Signal (of course)

  2. I’ve been following this great website, you probably haven’t heard of it. It’s called SFSignal.


  3. Besides the Hugo winning SF Signal (which I read every day) I also still look at SF Site for book reviews and upcoming titles.

    I read the digital edition of Locus every months, but I don’t go to their web site that much.

    IO9 is also an almost daily visit.

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