In case you dared to miss them, here are The Top 25 SF Signal Posts for November 2012 (not including daily tidbits posts):

  1. Book Cover Gallery of 175+ Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Books Coming Out in November 2012
  2. MIND MELD: The Secret to the Success of Iain M. Banks’ Culture Novels
  3. MIND MELD: Optimistic Scenarios for Our Future World
  4. A SciFi Television Viewer’s Guide to Science Fiction Books
  5. 91 Amazon Kindle Cyber Monday Science Fiction & Fantasy Deals!
  6. Get 3 Free eBooks From Night Shade by Simply Asking For Them
  7. BOOK REVIEW: Red Country by Joe Abercrombie
  8. Free eBooks: Get the First 2 Books in Kameron Hurley’s “Bel Dame Apocrypha” Free!
  9. MIND MELD: The Influence of “The Princess Bride” on Today’s Writers
  10. Free eBook + eBook Deal: “Limits” by Larry Niven + “When the Blue Shift Comes” by Robert Silverberg and Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
  11. Game of Thrones/Seinfeld Mashup
  12. A Letter From Harry Dresden
  13. MIND MELD: The New Future For Star Wars
  14. TRAILER: Battlestar Galactica – Blood and Chrome
  15. Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 11/25/2012
  16. TRAILER: World War Z Starring Brad Pitt and a MILLION Zombies
  17. J.R.R. Tolkien and the Great War
  18. FILM REVIEW: Skyfall (2012)
  19. Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 11/02/2012
  20. Ted Chiang’s “Story Of Your Life” Comes to Film!
  21. Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 11/22/2012
  22. Book Cover Smackdown! ‘Railsea’ vs. ‘The Six-Gun Tarot’ vs. ‘The Pirates Wish’
  23. An Awesome Hobbit-themed Airline Safety Video
  24. [GUEST POST] Lynn Viehl Announces Brand New Series
  25. Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 11/06/2012

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