Another year, another batch of posts. In case you missed them, here are The Top 50 SF Signal Posts for 2012 (not including daily tidbits posts):

  1. [GUEST POST] The Omniscient Breasts by Kate Elliott
  2. INFOGRAPHIC: Everything You Need to Know about the Hugo Award
  3. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 153): Interview with Author Patrick Rothfuss
  4. Cover & Synopsis: “The Hydrogen Sonata” By Iain M. Banks (A New Culture Novel)
  5. Sword and Laser Interviews LeVar Burton about “Star Trek” and “Reading Rainbow”
  6. Is Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ A Lovecraftian ’2001’?
  7. Read The Very First Issues of ‘Amazing Stories’ Online Right Now
  8. FINALISTS: 2012 Hugo Award [Now With Free Fiction Links!]
  9. FINALISTS: 2011 Nebula Awards (With Free Fiction Links!)
  10. SPECIAL ROUNDTABLE: Bear, Beaulieu, Stross and Ziegler Discuss the Role of Modern Literary Speculative Fiction
  11. MIND MELD: How to Write Science Fiction on a Post-Colonial World?
  12. MIND MELD: Monarchies in Fantasy
  13. MIND MELD: The Best Aliens in Science Fiction
  14. Books You Should Have Read in 2011-2012
  15. MIND MELD: Whatever Happened to Interstellar Travel in Science Fiction?
  16. You Can’t Do That on Television! 7 SF/F Characters Who You Would Never See on TV Today
  17. MIND MELD: Is SF Still The “Big Idea” Genre?
  18. MIND MELD: Who Are Your Favorite Villains In Fantasy And Science Fiction?
  19. 15 Science Fiction and Fantasy Thrillers Worth Your Time
  20. 5 Scifi or Fantasy Shows Now Streaming Via Netflix
  21. SFFWRTCHT: Glen Cook on Dread Empire, Garrett P.I. and the Dos and Don’ts of Writing
  22. BOOK REVIEW: Among Others by Jo Walton
  23. [GUEST POST] Writing About Race in Science Fiction and Fantasy (Part 1 of a Roundtable Interview)
  24. A Book Cover Gallery of 163 Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Books Coming Out in September 2012
  25. MIND MELD: Great Genre Reads For Teenage Girls
  26. A Book Cover Gallery of 152 Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Books Coming Out in June 2012
  27. A Book Cover Gallery of 132 Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Books Coming Out in July 2012
  28. REVIEW: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
  29. MOVIE REVIEW: Marvel’s ‘The Avengers (2012)
  30. REVIEW: Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey
  31. [GUEST POST] L.B. Gale on “John Carter” and Ripoffs
  32. MOVIE REVIEW: Prometheus (2012)
  33. MIND MELD: Which SF/F Series Are Too Good To End?
  34. A Gallery of 99 SF/F/H Books Coming Out in January 2012 – Which Ones Do You Want?
  35. NOMINEES: 2011 Bram Stoker Award [UPDATE]
  36. Panel: Young Adult Speculative Fiction
  37. Finally, a Legitimate Reason for Book Lovers to Buy a Pinup Calendar!
  38. Start Your Reading List Here: A Gallery of 148 SF/F/H Books Coming Out in May 2012
  39. A Book Cover Gallery of 157 Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Books Coming Out in August 2012
  40. Phoenix Pick is Giving Away (At Least) 10 Free Kindle Science Fiction eBooks
  41. SFFWRTCHT: SF Grand Master Robert Silverberg on The Majipoor Re-releases, Writing and More (Plus: Cover Reveals!)
  42. MIND MELD: The Most Interesting Books in Our ‘To Be Read’ Pile
  43. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 119): Panel Discussion – What Are You Reading?
  44. REVIEW: 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson
  45. BOOK REVIEW: Priests of Mars by Graham McNeill
  46. MIND MELD: The Best Endings In SF/F Series
  47. Stakes in Fantasy Novels: A Schemata of Classification
  48. A Gallery of 132 SF/F/H Books Coming Out in April 2012 – Pick Your Top 10!
  49. MIND MELD: Has Space Opera Lost Its Luster?
  50. A Gallery of 120+ SF/F/H Books Coming Out in March 2012 – Which Ones Excite You?

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