Richard Matheson’s 1956 novel The Shrinking Man is no stranger to the big screen. In 1957, Matheson adapted it for the big screen as The Incredible Shrinking Man, a film that starred Grant Williams, Randy Stuart and was directed by Jack Arnold. In was about a man who, exposed to radiation, slowly began to shrink in size — a metaphor for how man’s place in the world was diminishing. In 1981, the story was radically rewritten as an uninspiring topical pro-environment comedy called The Incredible Shrinking Woman which starred Lily Tomlin.

It may hit theaters again.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Matheson (along with his son Richard Matheson Jr.) has been tapped by MGM for a modern remake. Reportedly, the tone of the original story will remain the same, but it will be updated to be more modern. For one thing, that means swapping out the radiation trigger for nanotechnology. The remake is being described as “an existential action movie”.

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