Today on Riffle: Time Travel Novels Worth Reading

For those who do not know, Riffle Books is a book-centric social media and book discovery website. It allows users to track their reading, make recommendations and make lists, too.

I was invited to create a list on Riffle. So I did. Check out my list of Time Travel Novels Worth Reading!

If you would like to join Riffle, use this invitation link.

(And, to pre-answer a question I’m sure I will receive: no, there is no compensation or payback associated with this list or link. )

5 thoughts on “Today on Riffle: Time Travel Novels Worth Reading”

  1. Cool, list, John. Thanks for sharing. I still need to get a copy of Timeslingers: Season 1 into your hands… Then, maybe it’ll make the cut next time!

  2. That is a great list. Nice to see so many novels on there that I enjoyed. I would add The Freedom Maze by Delia Sherman to the list of time travel novels that I’ve enjoyed.

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