Isaac Asimov and the Three Laws of Robotics

Of all the works of his career, Isaac Asimov’s Robot stories are perhaps some of his best known works. Spanning short stories, novellas, centuries and even genres, his fiction helped change the perceptions of robots in science fiction.

Go read Isaac Asimov and the 3 Laws of Robotics over on Kirkus Reviews.

2 thoughts on “Isaac Asimov and the Three Laws of Robotics”

  1. Loved these as a teenager but rereading The Caves of Steel 40 years later I found myself disappointed. Just so poorly written. The portrayal of the wife and son are embarrasingly bad. Full of dialogue along the lines of Gee whiz pop and Golly gee Dad.

  2. That was my observation as well, reading it recently. He was very, by heavy on the exposition, and his characters weren’t really anything great. What I found more interesting were the stories, rather than the execution. I, Robot held up better than Caves ofSteel, I thought.

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