Leigh Brackett’s Planetary Romances

When I was writing about C.L. Moore a couple of weeks ago, I came across a familiar name several times: Leigh Brackett, another female author writing during the Golden Age of SF. She had a fascinating career as both a short story author, novelist and screenwriter.

Want to know more? Read about Leigh Brackett’s Planetary Romances over on Kirkus Reviews.

2 thoughts on “Leigh Brackett’s Planetary Romances”

  1. A few of her short stories set on Mars are genuinely touching – a very rare thing for SF adventure pulp fiction. When she was on her game her prose could soar.

    “Lean lithe men and women passed him in the shadowy streets, silent as cats except for the chime and whisper of the tiny bells the women wear, a sound as delicate as rain, distillate of all the sweet wickedness of the world.”

    Hahah. I like that very much.

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