In this Kickstarter video, director Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy) explains his thoughts on a film adaptation of Harry Harrison’s Bill the Galactic Hero. He optioned the rights back in 1983, shortly after he made Repo Man.

Cox goes on to explain how Harrison wrote the Bill the Galactic Hero as an comedic, anti-war response to Heinlein’s “fascist” Starship Troopers. Heinlein was apparently not pleased; after Heinlein read it, the two authors never spoke to each another again.

The film is a “feature-length science fiction comedy set in the far reaches of our galaxy, as humans wage war against a reptilian alien species, known as Chingers”. It’s also described in the Kickstarter page as extremely low budget and relatively high concept.

They’re looking for $100,000 to finance the project. AS of this writing, they are just shy of $20K. The project runs through Sunday April 21.

This video describes the Bill the Galactic Hero film project in the director’s own words…

[via Andrew Porter via Andy Sawyer]

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