Do you like to not only read science fiction, but also read about science fiction? Then check out the table of content for Los Angeles Review of Books – Digital Editions: Science Fiction:

Here’s the book description:

This carefully curated collection of essays and reviews, edited by LARB Associate Editor for Science Fiction Jerome Winter, showcases the Review’s more cogent and erudite responses to the current state of the field of science fiction, covering everything from superhero myths and their function in upholding the status quo to recent highbrow attempts to repackage dystopian fiction.

Here’s the table of contents…

  • No Dads: Cuckolds, Dead Fathers, and Capitalist Superheroes by Gerry Canavan
  • Mislived Lives by Paul di Filippo
  • The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick by Rob Latham
  • Advertising Degree Zero by Sherryl Vint
  • Barbarians at the Wormhole: On Anthony Burgess by Lee Konstantinou
  • The Widening Gyre: 2012 Best of the Year Anthologies by Paul Kincaid
  • Secret Histories by John Reider
  • Shadow Shows by Gary K. Wolfe
  • Taking the Future on Faith by Paul McAuley
  • Pacific Overture: An Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson by Istvan Cscisery-Ronay, Jr.

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