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Cover, Synopsis & TOC: “Dead North” edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Silvia Moreno-Garcia has just revealed more disturbingly awesome cover art, this time for an upcoming anthology Dead North, due in stores on October 1. The artwork is by Simon Siwak.

Here’s the synopsis:

In Canada, the dead won’t lie quietly. After the apocalypse, a lone human chases zombies across an icy landscape. Whales return from the depths to haunt the southern coast of Labrador. Running a marijuana grow-op operation in British Columbia is made more difficult when the dead attack. A corpse is turned into a flesh puppet and forms part of a depraved sex show.

This enjoyable and rollicking ride of an anthology that contains – among the 20 all-but-three new stories – a broad spectrum of the undead, from Romero-style corpses to those zombies inspired by Canadian Aboriginal mythology, and more from coast to coast, all shambling against the back- ground of the Great White North.

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. “Kissing Carrion” Gemma Files (Reprint)
  2. “Waiting for Jenny Rex” Melissa Yuan-Ines (Reprint)
  3. “The Sea Half-Held by Night” Elise Tobler
  4. “On the Wings of a Prayer” Richard Van Camp (Reprint)
  5. “Ground Zero: Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue” Claude Lalumiere
  6. “The Food Truck of the Zombie Apocalypse” Beth Wodzinski
  7. “And All the Fathomless Crowds” Ada Hoffmann
  8. “Mother Down The Well” Ursula Pflug
  9. “Rat Patrol” Kevin Cockle
  10. “Hungry Ghosts” Michael Matheson
  11. “Stemming the Tide” Simon Strantzas
  12. “The Adventures of Dorea Tress” Rhea Rose
  13. “The Last Katajjaq” Carrie-Lea Côté
  14. “Half Ghost” Linda DeMeulemeester
  15. “Those Beneath the Bog” Jacques L. Condor
  16. “Kezzie of Babylon” Jamie Mason
  17. “Dead of Winter” Brian Dolton
  18. “The Herd” Tyler Keevil
  19. “Escape” TJ Brown (Reprint)
  20. “Dead Drift” Chantal Boudreau
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