Sad news, folks…

Lawrence Person is reporting that science fiction and fantasy author and SFWA Grand Master Jack Vance has passed away at the age of 96.

Jack Vance is known for numerous works, including The Dying Earth, Emphyrio, Lurulu, Green Magic, Lyonesse, Ports of Call and many others.

Says the official Jack Vance website:

Jack Vance passed away at home on the evening of Sunday May 26, 2013, ending a long, rich and productive life. Recognized most widely as an author, family and friends also knew a generous, large-hearted, rugged, congenial, hard-working, optimistic and unpretentious individual whose curiosity, sense of wonder and sheer love of life were an inspiration in themselves. Author, friend, father and grandfather – there will never be another like Jack Vance.

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