The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 190): Interview with Author A. Lee Martinez

About A. Lee Martinez:

A. Lee Martinez is a writer who enjoys juggling, origimi, skulking, and time travel. While he’s a likable enough guy, he really isn’t very interesting and mostly plays video games and writes.


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6 thoughts on “The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 190): Interview with Author A. Lee Martinez”

  1. Patrick, Patrick, Patrick!

    Marshall, Will and Holly did NOT go back in time on the raft. They went through a portal into an alternate pocket dimension.

  2. Lee DOES explain why I like Iron Man I more than a lot of Dark Knight stuff.

    And yeah, Iron Man II has…problems.

  3. I’m a part time skulker myself. I could say more here if the link to the actual podcast would show up for me so I could listen to it. That’d be nice, since I like his books. :-)

  4. A. Lee is one of the greatest writers out there today. I loaned my copy of “Gil’s All Fright Diner” out so much, it got completely destroyed, so I bought two copies, one for my collection and another for loaning out.

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