Steve Berman has sent us the table of contents for his upcoming themed anthology Suffered from the Night: Queering Stoker’s Dracula, coming in October from Lethe Press.

Who is one of the most filmed, most admired characters in English Literature? Yes, Sherlock Holmes. And Lethe Press did release an anthology of queer-themed Holmesian fiction, A Study in Lavender. Well, we’re taking on the next such character in a forthcoming anthology Suffered from the Night: Queering Stoker’s Dracula. Featuring many talented authors–such as Stoker and Lambda Literary Award winner Lee Thomas, multiple Shirley Jackson Award winner Laird Barron, acclaimed writer Livia Llewellyn, Pauline Reage Novel Award winner Jeff Mann–this book offers a unique retelling and aftermath tales to Stoker’s infamous novel. Edited by Steve Berman, owner of the foremost publisher of queer speculative fiction, Lethe Press.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “The Tattered Boy” by Lee Thomas
  2. “Yours is The Right to Begin” by Livia Llewellyn
  3. “Self-Portrait as Jonathan Harker” by Ed Madden
  4. “Seven Lovers and the Sea” by Damon Shaw
  5. “The Calm of Despair” by Jason Andrew
  6. “Bloofer Ladies” by Elka Cloke
  7. “The Powers of Evil” by William Coleman
  8. “My Arms are Hungry” by Traci Castleberry
  9. “Protect the King” by Jeff Mann
  10. “Hungers” by Rajan Khanna
  11. “The Letter that Doomed Nosferatu” by Steve Berman
  12. “Ardor” by Laird Barron
  13. “Unhallowed Ground” by Seth Cadin
  14. “A Closer Walk With Thee” Sven Davisson

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