TOC: ‘Women and Other Constructs’ by Carrie Cuinn

Carrie Cuinn has posted the table of contents for her new collection Women and Other Constructs:

Says Carrie:

I’ve put together my first short fiction collection. It’s called Women and Other Constructs. There are six previously published tales, plus two new ones, and just for fun, a sonnet about a murderous robot. The “Introduction” talks about the broader themes behind the book, and “About the Stories” gives a quick look at what inspired each of them

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Mrs. Henderson’s Cemetery Dance”
  2. “Letter From A Murderous Construct and His Robot Fish”
  3. “Annabelle Tree”
  4. “A Cage, Her Arms”
  5. “Call Center Blues”
  6. “Mitch’s Girl”
  7. “All The Right Words”
  8. “Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere”
  9. “About the Mirror and its Pieces”

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