TRAILER: Gravity (or: Georege Clooney and Sandra Bulllock Get Lost in Space)


We can only hope the rest of the movie holds up to these two minutes…

6 thoughts on “TRAILER: Gravity (or: Georege Clooney and Sandra Bulllock Get Lost in Space)”

  1. Really? You hope the move “holds up” to those two minutes? There is nothing in those two minutes that makes me want to see this movie. First of all, the voiceover dialog is utterly stilted and sounded like people reading off of a script. No real emotion. I probably can also expect George Clooney to act like George Clooney and Sandra Bullock to act like Sandra Bullock. Brilliant!

    One other thing. I know that CGI is a wonderful thing but as a viewer, I’d rather not be completely confused about what I’m watching.

  2. Strange thing is that this looks completely different from the other trailer. That showed the shuttle on the ISS and a spacewalk that included somebody in a Russian Orlan suit. This one is three astros, all in US suits, the shuttle only, etc. Will either sequence (this or the other) actually be in the final film?

    1. Yeah, that’s what I thought when I saw this. No ISS in this clip, this one seems to have the Hubble docked to the shuttle instead. Maybe they just haven’t decided where it is when the debris hits? (I’m assuming it’s a space junk collision that causes all the drama, that seems to be consistent across both clips, but this one appears to make things clearer than the previous one which was quite confusing).

  3. Hope this doesn’t turn out to be bad. It has a good director. At least someones trying to do real SF instead of all this comic book/superhero crap.

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