Here’s a round of book covers comin’ at ya next month. Is there a theme here? Well, only that they are strikingly red, green and blue.

See anything you like?

Anno Dracula: Johnny Alucard by Kim Newman (Titan Books – September 17, 2013)

DRACULA COMES TO NEW YORK: Kim Newman returns to one of the great bestselling vampire tales of the modern era. Considered alongside I Am Legend and Interview with theVampire as one of the stand-out vampire stories of the last century – this brand-new novel is the first in over a decade from the remarkable and influential Anno Dracula series.

Newman’s dark and impish tale begins with a single question: What if Dracula had survived his encounters with Bram Stoker’s Dr. John Seward and enslaved Victorian England?

Fallen from grace and driven from the British Empire in previous instalments, Dracula seems long gone. A relic of the past. Yet, when vampire boy Johnny Alucard descends upon America, stalking the streets of New York and Hollywood, haunting the lives of the rich and famous, from Sid and Nancy to Andy Warhol, Orson Welles, and Francis Ford Coppola, sinking his fangs ever deeper into the zeitgeist of 1980s America, it seems the past might not be dead after all.

All Is Fair by Emma Newman (Angry Robot – September 24, 2013)

William Iris struggles to keep the throne of Londinium whilst hated by his own court and beset by outsiders, while Cathy discovers the legacy of her former governess. But those who dare to speak out about Society are always silenced. Sometimes for good.

While trying to avoid further torments from the mercurial fae, Sam finds himself getting tangled in the affairs of the Elemental Court. But an unexpected offer from the powerful and enigmatic Lord Iron turns out to be far more than Sam bargained for.

Max and the gargoyle are getting closer to uncovering who is behind the murder of the Bath Chapter and the corruption in London and Max finds the gargoyle’s controversial ideas harder to ignore. Can he stay true to his sworn duty without being destroyed by his own master, whose insanity threatens to unravel them all?

File Under: Fantasy [ Grotesquerie | The Throne of London | Elementary, My Dear | Among Many Thorns ]

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls by Elliott James (Orbit – September 17, 2013)

This is the second in a series of short stories by debut author Elliott James. The first of his novels, Charming, will be out in September 2013.

Nothing with the Cunning Folk is ever free. When John Charming goes to Sarah White for help with a minor ghost problem, he soon finds himself dealing with a restless spirit on a completely different scale. And the last thing you want to be when hunting a water spirit is out of your depth…

4 thoughts on “Book Cover Smackdown – RGB Edition! ANNO DRACULA: JOHNNY ALUCARD vs. ALL IS FAIR vs. DON’T GO CHASING WATERFALLS”

  1. Well, I might be a bit biased because my favourite colour is green, but the green cover just catches my eye and makes me want to pick it up for a closer look. The blue cover is not too bad, though it has an old-fashioned vibe somehow. The red and black cover is striking, but rather screams “Danger! Alarm! Horror!” to me.

  2. Dracula is the winner by default.

    Can’t read the title text on the middle one and the one on the bottom is dreadful.

  3. Anno Dracula, except for that crapy name (Alucard, relly?) is the most compelling of the three All is Fair has too many elements, a little bit simplier cover would have been better and Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls has not a very attractive illustration.

  4. I have to agree with David. While it’s not particularly striking, Anno Dracula wins by default. All is Fair is far too busy and very difficult to read, and Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls reminds me of the books we were forced to read back in elementary school.

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