Free eBook: “The Ice Owl” by Carolyn Ives Gilman

Phoenix Pick continues their free eBook promotion this month with The Ice Owl by Carolyn Ives Gilman!

About the Book:

Set in the same universe as Arkfall (although a totally independent story), The Ice Owl tells a tale capturing that moment when we start to lose our childhood…when we start to realize that our parents and the “grown-ups” are just as flawed as we are…everyone struggling to deal with their own demons.

It is also a story about past crimes and the haunting echo of ghosts long dead, of a life-long quest for redemption and, for some, the final revenge for crimes lost in the stellar dust…

Instructions and download links can be found on Phoenix Pick’s catalogue page. The Coupon Code for the free eBook this month is 9991670 and is only good between August 2nd – August 31, 2013. Grab it now!

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