Small Beer Press has posted the table of contents for Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 29., edited by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link:


  • “Smash!” Jennifer Linnaea
  • “The Groomsmen,” Sarah Blackman
  • “Fairy Skulls,” Nina Allan
  • “Yaga Dreams of Growing Up,” Eileen Wiedbrauk
  • “Dietus Interruptus,” Ian Breen
  • “Good Keith!,” J. Brundage
  • “Three Rights Make a Left,” Rhonda Eikamp
  • “EGGS,” Claire Hero
  • “Disaster Movies,” Christopher Stabback
  • “Four Phoebes,” Maya Sonenberg


  • “How to Seduce a Vegetarian,” Nicole Kimberling


  • “Re-load,” Kara Singletary
  • “Noise,” David Galef
  • “Ksampguiyaeps—Woman-Out-To-Sea” and “Hermitage,” Neile Graham

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