Hey folks…an update on our recent technical difficulties.

What technical difficulties you say? Well, tonight I got cocky and started mucking directly with our database. Bad idea. What happened was just about exactly what you think would have happened. I overwrote about 10 years worth of content. My heart stopped when I realized. And, bad blogger that I am, I did not have any daily backups.

The good news is that our web host, Host Gator, did have a backup. They don’t do that nightly, however, so all told, we only lost about a week’s worth of postings and the site was only down for an hour or so. (That’s some fast moving by Host Gator. Kudos to them for a quick turnaround!)

There is still a problem though. We are having trouble creating new posts. We are working with the host to resolve the issue.

My sincerest apologies to our contributors and our readers and our for the missing content. I will do my best to (1) retrieve what I can from locally stored backups, and (2) make sure that this never happens again.

Posting will be delayed over the weekend as we come back up to speed.

Thanks for your patience.

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