The Untimely Death of Robert E. Howard

Back in April, I had been doing some reading on the Lovecraft Circle, and came across an interesting fact about one of the authors, Robert Howard. At the age of 30, he killed himself upon learning that his mother was in a coma and would never wake up again. It was interesting, because before that time, he had created a couple of well known characters, namely, Conan the Conqueror one of the pulp era’s defining heroes. A couple of weeks ago, I came across one of his more Lovecraftian stories, The Black Stone, and was reminded of his short life and influence. Beyond just Conan, he helped to influence an entire subgenre of fantasy, Sword and Sorcery.

Go read The Untimely Death of Robert E. Howard over on Kirkus Reviews.

2 thoughts on “The Untimely Death of Robert E. Howard”

  1. Would REH have become a legendary figure had he lived to a ripe old age? I tend to think that early death allows a fetishization of people that would not have occurred otherwise. Look at Jim Morrison of The Doors. A legend because he died at 27 rather than being remembered as what he was, a horrible poet and a guy who sang well for a couple of albums and then lost his voice.

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