The Three Hoarsemen Episode 4: Life Gets in the Way of Fandom

As Summer is relegated to the vaults of imperfect memory, the occasionally venerable John E. O. Stevens, Fred Kiesche and Jeff Patterson pull their cloaks tight against the mounting Autumn chill. Listen as they gather around the flame, pass the jug and Ibuprofen, and speak of a road trip through the American South, LoneStarCon, revisiting reviews of old, reading with one’s daughter, the books that sustain them, and other mortal matters.


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19 thoughts on “The Three Hoarsemen Episode 4: Life Gets in the Way of Fandom”

    1. Not sure what’s happening here. The old widget doesn’t seem to be working. I updated it to use the new widget.

      In either case, you can right-click and save the download link if you so choose.

  1. Where is it located in iTunes – I searched for “The Three Hoarsemen” but opnly episodes 2 and 3 come up – thanks!

      1. Just an FYI for everyone: We submitted the podcast to iTunes and for a brief time it was there (honest). Then we got a message about “issues” (technology) and tried Apple’s fix…which eventually led to a non-existent URL in the resubmission process.

        So, until they fix that broken URL, or rewrite the submission process, or actually respond to us (snort, I think our market cap vs. their market cap makes it unlikely), we’ll have to do it in one or the other alternative methods.

        We’ll keep trying!

  2. Love this podcast. Could you guys please make it a little more difficult to get it in iTunes? Seriously

  3. Hmm, when I search itunes for ‘The Three Hoarsemen’ in the Podcasts app, it just returns ‘Sfsignal’.

    1. We’re in limbo with iTunes right now. There was an error, so we’re not listed. They asked us to resubmit. When we resubmit, they say we already submitted. So…

      Can you subscribe to the podcast another way, say, using the RSS feed?

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