Video: The Wonder Woman Movie We All Want To See

Rainfall Films has put out a short film featuring Wonder Woman kicking ass the way we know she can, and must.  I seriously hope DC is paying attention, because this is the Wonder Woman movie we’ve all been waiting for.  Now just make it an hour and a halfish longer…

So? Thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Video: The Wonder Woman Movie We All Want To See”

  1. I think one of the comments on YouTube said it best when it criticized the slow-motion fight scene as utterly cliched. Yes, it’s cool. Yes, it kicks ass. Yes, it makes Wonder Woman relevant to a modern audience. It also looks like a cross between a commercial for Victoria’s Secret and the United States Marines.

      1. It’s the costume. Superman also fights evil in his underwear. Superhero costumes have to evolve to suit the times. We’ve done this with so many of the male superheroes, so I don’t see why it’s such a big deal to also evolve WW’s costume.

        While I’m definitely in favor of WW getting pants, I also like her costume in this video. It’s a nice transition between her classic “bathing suit” and the pants/jacket from outfit from the comic. I could also see her costume evolving from the sort in this video to the pants/jacket version in one origin story movie.

  2. I think it shows some promise, for me more in the costuming and the attitude. The fight scenes are cliche but that can be worked on. I liked the less shiny Wonder Woman and the spirit of the Amazons.

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