Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Mini-Prequel – “The Night of the Doctor”

Can’t wait until November 23rd for the new Doctor Who? Maybe this will whet your appetite. It’s a short mini-episode called “The Night of the Doctor” and it features Paul McGann as The Doctor.

(Thanks, Eddie!)

5 thoughts on “Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Mini-Prequel – “The Night of the Doctor””

      1. No I didn’t… Last Spring a colleague gave me a list of must-see Who episodes and that may have been one of them. I haven’t watched everything yet as some of it is difficult to locate. There are many videos not viewable in Canada (I don’t understand that at all), and, to be brutally honest, the few that I have seen just didn’t… I don’t know… light my fire or anything. I know it’s from a different time, but willikers, some of it is condescending. The Space channel (canadian version of sy-fy?) has run the series of Doctor Who Revisited, which I’ve found fascinating. I’m up to the fourth now. (It’s hockey season – there is more fighting over the living room tv than there is on the ice! lol) (and I’ve been reading S. which is very time-consuming and fun)

        Apologies for the wordiness…

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