Here’s the table of contents for the the January 2014 issue of Asimov’s (on sale now), with cover art by Alexandra Mankyan.


  • “Memorials” by Aliette de Bodard
  • “Primes” by Ron Collins
  • “The Common Good” by Nancy Kress


  • “Extracted Journal Notes for an Ethnography of Bnebene Nomad Culture” by Ian McHugh
  • “Static” by William Jablonsky
  • “The Carl Paradox” by Steve Rasnic Tem


  • “Transfiguration” by John Amen
  • “The Old Time Traveler’s Song” by William John Watkins
  • “At Lake Champlain” by E. Kristin Anderson


Subscriptions available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the Asimov’s website.

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