In case you missed them, here are The Top 30 SF Signal Posts for October 2013 (excluding the much-loved daily link posts and free fiction posts):

  1. 218 Reasons To Read Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror in October 2013 (Our GINORMOUS Monthly SF/F/F Cover Gallery)
  2. 101 SF/F/H Kindle eBook Deals Under $4
  3. MIND MELD: Our Favorite Women Horror Writers
  4. Best Bets for Science Fiction & Fantasy Books – October 2013
  5. INTERVIEW: Peter Watts Talks About BEYOND THE RIFT, William F***ing Gibson, and Cyclopean Rabbits
  6. MIND MELD: Worthy Media Tie-ins
  7. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Disabilities Are Everywhere
  8. The “Last” Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Meme
  9. [GUEST POST] Max Gladstone on The Science Fictioning of Fantasy and Vice Versa
  10. MIND MELD: The Scary Stories That Made Us Lose Sleep
  11. The Completist: C.S. Friedman’s COLDFIRE TRILOGY
  12. Book Cover Smackdown! November Steampunk Edition: FIDDLEHEAD vs. ROMULUS BUCKLE & THE ENGINES OF WAR vs. UNCRASHABLE DAKOTA
  13. MUSIC VIDEO: “Exiles: The Wolves of Midwinter” – The Song for Anne Rice’s new novel, THE WOLVES OF MIDWINTER
  14. FILM REVIEW: Gravity (2013)
  15. MIND MELD: How Science Fiction Changed Our Lives
  16. Honest Trailers: Pacific Rim
  17. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 208): Panel of Irregulars – What Books Do We Want To Read Before The End Of The Year Part 1
  18. [GUEST POST] Tom Merritt on His Science Fiction Retelling of King Arthur
  19. S**t Nerds Never Say
  20. Feed Your To-Read List!
  21. Recommended Reading by Professionals…with Violette Malan
  22. Video: The Wonder Woman Movie We All Want To See
  23. [EXCERPT] Read the Introduction from TALES OF THE WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE Edited by Win Scott Eckert and Christopher Paul Carey
  24. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Why Tyrion Lannister Matters
  25. Short Fiction Friday: Stories that Go Bump in the Night, Part Two
  26. Recommended Reading by Professionals…with David Lomax
  27. The Three Hoarsemen Discuss NOVA by Samuel R. Delany
  28. [GUEST POST] Jonathan L. Howard on The Appeal of Lovecraftian Horror
  29. How “Star Trek Into Darkness” Should Have Ended
  30. Wondrous Wit Smackdown! The Pleasure of Witty Repartee

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