SF/F/H Link Post for 2013-12-12

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  • Imaginary Drugs – An immortal celebrity assassin. Doomed love in space. An adorable but twisted ritual sacrifice. Your comics await!
  • Red: A Cyberpunk Fairytale Volume 1 – A sci-fi version of Little Red Riding Hood. Red, a member of a private security firm, must fight to survive in a violent world.


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One thought on “SF/F/H Link Post for 2013-12-12”

  1. Thank for linking to Steve Davidson’s apology statement. We all make mistakes and I commend him for making an attempt to understand where he went wrong and having a commitment to grow moving forward. I think it wise not to give lengthy explanations as that usually backfires, making things worse. I hope he gets some constructive feedback from the process.

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