In episode 222 of the SF Signal Podcast Patrick Hester, Ria Bridges, Jeff Patterson, Django Wexler, and Fred Kiesche suggest the perfect gifts for the genre fan in your family.

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  • Board Games (Sentinels of the Multiverse)
  • Villains by Necessity”
  • Star Destroyer Reference



  • (search for awesome handmade genre-related stuff, find way more that people could want than I can afford!)
  • An e-reader (because it’s like carrying a whole library in your pocket)
  • A shopping spree at a bookstore (or comic store, or game store, or any store that sells good geeky stuff, really)
  • Time, because people have too little of it and sometimes it’s nice to know that someone else is doing the laundry or making supper so you can read, or write, or play video games, or just relax
  • Bagels. Because bagels.

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