SF/F/H Link Post for 2014-01-09

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  • The Map of Zombies – A vintage medical illustration-style poster identifying over 350 different zombie types from movies, books, games & more.
  • Xenofaction – a Sci-Fi/Horror tactical boardgame in which players Command a squad of alien commandos, fight the Infected, Security Drones, rescue prisoners, evade monsters, and combat other players.



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One thought on “SF/F/H Link Post for 2014-01-09”

  1. Great article by Paul S. Kemp. Enjoyed it so much I went and bought a copy of The Hammer and the Blade.

    Also thought the post on Tor.com regarding the Jim Henson film, The Labyrinth, was spot on. It has long been one of my favorite films for the reasons the author points out and many more.

    The “My despair is more than just an ornament” is eye-opening in a very sad way.

    As always, enjoy getting my daily SFF link fix.

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