Bradley Beaulieu’s Ides of March $0.99 eBook Sale!

Hey, eBook Readers! There are 4 books by Bradley Beaulieu that you can pick up right now for 99 cents each!

The four books include his trilogy The Lays of Anuskaya and his short story collection:

This is part of the author’s Ides of March Sale, so beware: this great deal won’t last forever. Visit your favorte eBoook outlet or check out Bradley’s post for links to additional purchasing options, including buying direct from the author.

6 thoughts on “Bradley Beaulieu’s Ides of March $0.99 eBook Sale!”

  1. When I go bankrupt buying books that you have pointed out to me, or recommended, or whatever, I am going to name you in the papers and ask the court to have you apprehended for… for… aggravated book pimping, or something. (I bought the last three of these; already had the first.)

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