SF Crossing the Gulf (Episode 16c): Discussing Cordwainer Smith with Gary K. Wolfe

In this much-too-long-delayed episode of SF Crossing the Gulf, we revisit stories from Cordwainer Smith’s The Rediscovery of Man, with especial focus on “Alpha Ralpha Boulevard”. More importantly, we discuss these stories with senior SF critic Gary K. Wolfe, who brings quite a bit more biographical information about Smith to our attention, to our mutual enlightenment.

Many apologies to those (Fred!) who have been waiting for this episode–I (Karen Burnham) can only plead extreme mental discombobulation. And we hope it is worth the wait!


8 thoughts on “SF Crossing the Gulf (Episode 16c): Discussing Cordwainer Smith with Gary K. Wolfe”

  1. Okay, I love these podcasts. I found them because I was reading a lot of Egan (I have now read every piece of fiction he has published except for An Unusual Angle, which is wicked expensive and the Orthogonal trilogy, because I want to read it all in quick succession), but I was perhaps even more excited to see the Chiang stuff. Karen Lord’s commentaries are awesome (I agreed more with Karen B’s reading of “Hell is the Absence of God” and found you both to have valid points on “Glory”, but otherwise, Karen Lord is spot-on). I also appreciated the warning about Vandana Singh’s story, as I’m really glad I read it beforehand, even if it meant a while in between listening to the beginning of that episode and the end.

    Anyway, I also like these NESFA books a lot. You should totally do the Kornbluth one at some point. Oh, and if you did the Fredric Brown one, you could do a lot of stories in one episode. ;)

    Keep up the good work!

      1. I already bought it the day it came out (but on Google rather than Amazon–I have a Sony Reader). :)

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