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Table of Contents: THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES Edited by Sean Wallace

Sean Wallace has posted the table of contents for his upcoming anthology The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures, coming August 2014 in the UK and October 2014 in the US:

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Smoke City” by Christopher Barzak
  2. “Memories in Bronze, Feathers, and Blood” by Aliette de Bodard
  3. “Love Comes to Abyssal City” by Tobias Buckell
  4. “Canary of Candletown” by C.S.E Cooney
  5. “On the Lot and In the Air” by Lisa L. Hannett
  6. “Beyond Calais” by Samantha Henderson
  7. “La Valse” by K.W. Jeter
  8. “The Colliers’ Venus (1893)” by Caitlin R. Kiernan
  9. “Benedice Te” by Jay Lake
  10. “Good Hunting” by Ken Liu
  11. “Selin That Has Grown in the Desert” by Alex Dally MacFarlane
  12. “The Curse of Chimère” by Tony Pi
  13. “Tanglefoot” by Cherie Priest
  14. “Ticktock Girl” by Cat Rambo
  15. “Edison’s Frankenstein” by Chris Roberson
  16. “The Governess and the Lobster” by Margaret Ronald
  17. “I Stole the D.C.’s Eyeglass” by Sofia Samatar
  18. “The Clockworks of Hanyang” by Gord Sellar
  19. “The Return of Cherie” by Nisi Shawl
  20. “Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine” by Benjanun Sriduangkaew, original
  21. “Green Eyed Monsters in the Valley of Sky, An Opera” by E. Catherine Tobler, original
  22. “Harry and Marlowe and the Talisman of the Cult of Egil” by Carrie Vaughn
  23. “Terrain” by Genevieve Valentine
  24. “A Mouse Ran up the Clock” by AC Wise
  25. “Anna in the Moonlight” by Jonathan Wood, original

It also features an introduction by Ann VanderMeer

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