Table of Contents: Analog, May 2014

Here is the table of contents for the new issue of Analog:


  • “All Human Things” by Dave Creek

Short Stories

  • “Cryptids” by Alec Nevala-lee
  • “In Perpetuity” by Ellis Morning
  • “Bodies In Water” by Sarah Frost
  • “Snapshots” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • “Repo” by Aaron Gallagher
  • “Another Man’s Treasure” by Tom Greene

Probability Zero

  • “Our New Overlords” by Jerry Oltion

Science Fact

  • “Lockstep: A Possible Galactic Empire” by Karl Schroeder


  • “God May Love Us Today, But What About Tomorrow?” by Robert Lundy

Reader’s Departments

  • Guest Editorial: Are We There Yet? Edward M. Lerner
  • Biolog: Karl Schroeder by Richard A. Lovett
  • The Alternate View by John G. Cramer
  • In Times To Come
  • The Reference Library by Don Sakers
  • Brass Tacks
  • Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis

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