Haffner Press has posted the table of contents for the collection The Reign of the Robots: The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Four:

Here’s the book description:

THE REIGN OF THE ROBOTS, THE COLLECTED EDMOND HAMILTON, VOLUME FOUR is certainly worth your coppers as herewith are contained no fewer than 10 unreprinted stories from WEIRD TALES and/or WONDER STORIES. Alongside these soon-to-be-presented wonders, you’ll find some of Hamilton’s classic works such as “The Man Who Evolved” and “A Conquest of Two Worlds”.

Noted scholar and editor, Mike Ashley handles the introduction for this mighty tome.

As with previous volumes in this series, an appendix showcasing the original pulp magazine illustrations bulks large with obscura including reader s letters from the vintage magazines commenting on these stories, along with editorial correspondence between Hamilton and his editors.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “The Man Who Saved Science Fiction” by Mike Ashley
  2. “The Man Who Saw the Future” (Amazing Stories, Oct ’30)
  3. “The Mind-Master” (Weird Tales, Oct ’30)
  4. “The Horror City” (Weird Tales, Feb/Mar ’31)
  5. “The Man Who Evolved” (Wonder Stories, Apr ’31)
  6. “Monsters of Mars” (Astounding Stories, Apr ’31 “Ten Million Years Ahead” (Weird Tales, Apr/May ’31)
  7. “The Earth-Owners” (Weird Tales, Aug ’31)
  8. “The Sargasso of Space” (Astounding Stories, Sep ’31)
  9. “The Shot From Saturn” (Weird Tales, Oct ’31)
  10. “Creatures of the Comet” (Weird Tales, Dec ’31)
  11. “The Reign of the Robots” (Wonder Stories, Dec ’31)
  12. “Dead Legs” (Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror, Jan ’32)
  13. “A Conquest of Two Worlds” (Wonder Stories, Feb ’32)
  14. “The Earth-Brain” (Weird Tales, Apr ’32)
  15. “The Terror Planet” (Weird Tales, May ’32)
  16. “Space-Rocket Murders” (Amazing Stories, Oct ’32)
  17. “Vampire Village” (Weird Tales, Nov ’32)
  18. “The Man Who Conquered Age” (Weird Tales Dec ’32)
  19. Appendix

Book info as per Amazon US:

  • Hardcover: 696 pages
  • Publisher: Haffner Press (December 30, 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 1893887650
  • ISBN-13: 978-1893887657

For kicks — because this is how I get my kicks — here are the first 3 volumes:

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