VIDEO: Women Writers on Science Fiction

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Jane Yolen, Ellen Datlow, Kate Elliott, Elizabeth Hand and N. K. Jemisin talk about being women writers, writing female characters, and the role models they look up to.

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Women Writers on Science Fiction”

  1. Where did you place Anne McCaffrey and her fantastic DragonRiders, Cristal Singer, Brainships and many other series?

  2. Please tell me this is a teaser for an hour-long program. I want more! And I say that as someone who 97 times out of 100 flat-out refuses to watch a video. THIS is the kind of video I want to see!

  3. Oh wow I totally forgot about the silent tower. Read it as a teen. Loved that book and the trilogy.

    I pretty much bought it because I liked the cover which was much different then the one shown in the story.

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