Saturday Morning ‘Toon: Star Wars as an 80’s-style anime

Here’s a look at what Star Wars might have looked like as an 80’s-style anime…

[via Nerdist]

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning ‘Toon: Star Wars as an 80’s-style anime”

  1. I’m still waiting for, “What Would Star Wars Have Looked Like As Neanderthal Cave Paintings.”

  2. Not everything will work as an anime – Star Wars is a great example. Don’t ruin the legend with big-eyed TIE pilots, please. I hope it won’t be continued as something longer.

  3. Only a couple of flaws in the design. 1) Most Imperial pilots aren’t that good as the Empire considers them expendable, only a handful ever survive their first few sorties. 2) X-wings and Y-wings have shields so it takes more than two shots to kill them. Also, TIEs don’t have shields so that basic TIE fighter that got hit should have been destroyed. 3) The female pilot, little known fact to those that only watch the movies, the Empire is nearly as sexist as they are anti-nonhuman. Granted there are some females in the armed forces, but they are few and far between.

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