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The Best Podcast Fiction of All Time (#11 – #20)

The penultimate installment of my Best Podcast Fiction of All Time List, covering #11-20. You can find #41-50 here,  #31-40 here, and #21-30 here.

Just one more list to go!

It was very hard to pick out my favorites among all the great stuff out there.  Now I want to listen to them all again!

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The Best Podcast Fiction of All Time (11 – 20)
  1. “Neighbourhood Watch” by Greg Egan (Pseudopod) – In which we create a caged demon to protect our suburban neighborhood.
  2. “The Boy and the Box” by Adam-Troy Castro (Lightspeed) – In which a boy puts the world in a box because reasons.
  3. “The Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu (Podcastle and Escape Pod) – In which a man remembers his mother.
  4. “Cup and Table” by Tim Pratt (Podcastle) – In which we are the superheroes of the Round Table.
  5. “The Battle of York” by James Stoddard (Lightspeed) – In which we find out what really happened in American history.
  6. “Deep Red” by Floris Kleijne (Pseudopod) – In which that perfume brings back such strong memories.
  7. “Heartless” by Peadar Ó Guilín (Podcastle) – In which we pay the price for luxury.
  8. “The Wish of the Demon Achtromagk” by Eugie Foster (Drabblecast) – In which a cuddly teddy bear is possessed by a demon.
  9. “I Kill Monsters” by Nathaniel Lee (Cast of Wonders) – In which we hunt boogeymen.
  10. “They Go Bump” by David Barr Kirtley (Escape Pod) – In which a squad of invisible soldiers questions everything.

In two weeks, just one more installment!  The final 10!  Stay tuned!

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